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Keynote Speaker for Santander University Competition

Laura Bossom, founder of Cultiva Kingdom was invited by Clare Griffiths, FRSA to be keynote speaker for Santander University, for the Make Your Ideas Happen competition held at University of Brighton in collaboration with BeePurple ran by Helen Carley.

The University of Brighton’s annual ideas competition, generously sponsored by Santander Universities, is your chance to tell us about your creative ideas for new products, freelance services, digital solutions, or community projects.

Laura briefly spoke about her journey as a sustainable entrepreneur and the challenges we all face when we start up a business in a new industry. She was able to share my experiences and knowledge on how she has become a circular designer, putting hemp and other naturals at the forefront of her work and projects. Hopefully it was an inspiring lesson for students at the university.

Well done to the winner, Kyle Withey and runners up Morris Winbury and Oli Court of the competition who came up with truly innovative solutions.

We are also joined by Holly Price from Santander Universities and other judges: Neema Amin, MBA, Heidi Swinyard and Matt Turner.