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Learn everything you need to know about industrial hemp fibre.

Our Mission

Our aim is to be a leading educator to business owners and students around the world to prepare the globe for a successful industrial hemp industry to have economic and environmental impact. 

Industrial hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years. As a civilisation, we have relied on this plant for its strong strength as a manufactured material.

In the UK, we have a rich historical legacy of being market leaders and growers of industrial hemp fibre. From rope and sail canvas to household fabrics, hemp has played an important role in our textile heritage.

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The Story of Hemp

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Meet Hemp Designer Laura Bossom

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"Absolutely phenomenal wealth of knowledge about products and industry, best in the market! 
Laura has a love for Hemp which is demonstrated by her extensive knowledge about sustainability. "

- Max Holder

"Highly recommend Laura and her company, the products are just outstanding so is her knowledge and passion."

Amy Auker

Laura presents her information in a clear and easy manner that shows the depth of her knowledge. The innovative projects that she showcased has shown her creativity, collaborative skills and determination to live and develop products that help improve our world."

- Nancy Freeman

"It is a pleasure to work with Laura. She is innovative, focused, passionate, creative and knowledgeable. I'd love the opportunity to work with her again."

- Kate Brannelley