Satchel Bag
Satchel Bag
Satchel Bag

Satchel Bag

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This satchel is the ideal bag for carrying books and laptops around. Fitted with side pockets and toggle straps.

Colour: All bags come in neutral hemp colour with a herringbone pattern

Hemp Origin: Nepal

Made in Nepal


Length 433mm, Width 355mm, Depth 330mm
Depth is when open widely and full


These are Himalayan wild fibers which are used to make bags, shoes, hats, coin purse, belt and many other natural fashion wares. Hemp and nettle harvests occur in the mountains at the end of the monsoon every year. The local people collect the raw materials and they process it naturally not using any chemical to make the fibers. Hemp is known as one of oldest and strongest natural fibers in the world. It is in common use in the rural areas of Western Nepal. It is an indigenous plant which regenerates quickly after harvesting. Hemp is a valuable, sustainable eco-friendly resource and is loved due to all its many uses like clothes, ropes and paper.