Reusable Mask (3 Layers)

Reusable Mask (3 Layers)

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Hemp allows masks to be durable and last longing.

3 layer masks allows this mask to be reused and washed at least 25 times.

Mask fabric is biodegradable made from natural and sustainable fibres. Please remove elastic ear loops after use to ensure product can biodegrade safely.

Material Composition: 40% Hemp Fabric + 60% Organic Cotton with Hemp Paper Filter

Made in Nepal

Hemp Origin: Nepal


Hemp Care Instructions: Wash mask with water and soap. Leave to dry and fit comfortably over the entire bottom part of face with no open gaps for best protection



  1. Position mask over the chin, mouth and nose

  2. Attach elastic ear loops to hold the mark in place

  3. Adjust flexible strip across bridge of nose to form a comfortable snug fit


Discard after use, when damaged or soiled.

Disclaimer: These masks have not been medically tested and are a substitute for hygiene surgical masks. We also make no anti-bacterial property claims.
We also do not accept any returns for any face mask products Cultiva Clothing sells.