Fabricated Washable Mask
Fabricated Washable Mask
Fabricated Washable Mask

Fabricated Washable Mask

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Safe yet comfortable, this protection mask is made with a blend of Indian Hemp and Organic Cotton.  This effective 3 ply layered mask is made to be breathable and non-suffocating.  Being made of Hemp, it has natural strong fibrous properties making it durable and reusable with multiple washes. (Recommended, at least 50 washes)

These masks are design to fit an adult with measurements of 16x15cm (full open width).

- Made of organic hemp and cotton

- Made in India

- 100% reusable

- Chemical & bleach free

- Hemp is grown with no pesticides or herbicides

- Vegan

- Triple layered design

Hemp Care Instructions: Wash mask with water and soap. Leave to dry and fit comfortably over the entire bottom part of face with no open gaps for best protection

Disclaimer: These masks have not been medically tested and are a substitute for hygiene surgical masks. We also make no anti-bacterial property claims.
We also do not accept any returns for any face mask products Cultiva Clothing sells.