Hemplogz - Clean Hemp Fuel


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(10 logs per pack 7.5kg)

A sustainable, clean hemp fuel for your wood burner. Hemplogz are made from compacted hemp stalks, one of the most environmentally friendly crops on this planet. Keep yourself warm this winter, without the guilt. 

 Hemplogz give you:

  • A clean, smoke-free burn
  • A long lasting source of heat. Each log lasts up to 1.5 hours in solid fuel burners
  • A sustainable alternative to timber that helps prevent deforestation, instead of contribute to it

Why is hemp fuel so sustainable? 

Hemp absorbs 4x more carbon than agroforestry as it grows, helping to combat climate change. Hemplogz are ready after 3-4 months growth — unlike virgin timber, which can take years, or even centuries.

Made from the by-products of processing British hemp, Hemplogz are a zero-waste product. Hemp stalk is composed of a high cellulose content, providing a steady, efficient combustion.