Natural Fibre Workshops 
[Brighton Live]

- Natural Dying and Ancient Colouring 

- Vegan Leather and history of Leather Production 

- Local Textiles: Can we grow your own clothes? 

- Hemp Fashion and Circular Sustainable Design 

- Macrame: Creating with knots 

 Working with ancient methods, explore the history of natural fibres on these courses. Learn to work with material samples including hemp, flax, silk, wool and cotton. 

 Join Laura Bossom in Brighton to find out about Sustainable Fashion and the Industrial Revolution as we discuss the journey of these fibres and how they built played an important role in building our society as we know it today. 

Event times coming out soon. Express an interest here and we will get back to you with some dates

Hemp Master Classes
Hemp Master Classes [Online]
Join us online to listen to Hemp Textile Designer Laura Bossom talk who will offer you a brief introduction to hemp fashion.

This course includes: 

- A Brief Introduction to Hemp History 

- Traditional Production and Processes of Hemp 

- The Hemp Fibre Market and Modern Innovations  

- How to Design with Natural Hemp Fibre 

- Sustainability and Hemp's Impact on the Planet 

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In this workshop you will learn to produce some samples and a exquisite naturally dyed and patterned scarf using Shibori techniques. You will start with a brief history of Shibori, before focusing on binding and stitching techniques for resist dyeing (tie dye) and discussing suitable equipment and fabrics.

You will then prepare and dye your own Shibori samples. We will also share tips on getting the best colour from our chosen dyestuff and natural dyebath.

Turning your attention to your scarves, you will develop your ideas and create your patterns, preparing them using the techniques you have learned.

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Natural Dye
Natural Dye

In this workshop, you will use natural dyes to make a beautiful scarf.

You will explore this by learning about basic natural dyeing processes and look at how natural dyes, different fibres and different techniques can affect the end result.

We will cover some of the methods for preparing fabrics for dyeing and what is needed to achieve brighter colours that remain strong and won’t fade.

Using the dyestuffs available, you will prepare your own dyebaths and naturally dye our silk scarf and fabric samples to producing beautiful, natural colours.

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In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Sashiko, the threads, fabrics and equipment that we use and then look at tips on using the different mark-making tools.

Following on from this, you can choose a design and prepare your fabric for stitching using the kit provided.

We will share tips on how to ensure accurate and beautiful results in Sashiko. Then you can put this into practice by starting your own stitching, to create a coaster and a lavender sachet.

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Mindful Stitch
Mindful Stitch

There are no rules; the stitching can be planned, or free form, stitching where and how the mind chooses. Colours, threads and fabrics can be chosen to complement each other, be random, or just what you. feel drawn to. The important thing is anything goes! It’s not about perfection; whatever you stitch is right for that moment

This Mindful Stitch Group is run interactively online, so you can enjoy attending and meeting others from the comfort of your own home. It is a great opportunity to receive tips and advice and share work and ideas.

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