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Meet Our Experts
Meet our experts
Textile Teacher Nancy Freeman has a BSc Hons in Textile Technology from Manchester University (UMIST) and a Masters in Education from Cambridge University. She has worked for a number of years in industry, in home furnishings and fashion, before becoming a teacher of Design & Technology as a Textiles Specialist. For enquires email
Shibori Workshops
Shibori, the Japanese name for resist dyeing, creates beautiful patterns and designs through binding, stitching, folding and wrapping.
Natural Dye Workshop
Natural Dye
Exploring natural fibres and organic ingredients to add colour to a range of fabrics
Sashiko Workshop
A decorative running stitch workshop observing a traditional Japanese technique
Community Mindful Stitch
Mindful Stitch
Mindful Stitch, or Slow Stitch and Stitch Meditation, allows our mind and body to work in harmony and express our inner feelings