We like to think we are progressive and are always trying to challenge the traditional systems around us. Here is a quick snapshot into our ethos and the steps we are taking to be an ethical and sustainable clothing company.
 Sustainability From The Heart
 Hemp fabrics as we know are some of the most ecological materials currently on the market. It is important that we recognise each of our product supply chains. We want to know exactly where our hemp is grown, the conditions of the soil in which it lives in and the ways in which it has been processed. In addition, we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint.  
It is essential that all the producers we work with source their hemp locally to their production site within their country of making. Nowadays it is quite normal for brands to ship their garments around the world, allowing each part of the production to happen in different countries to keep the costs low. Yet this is having a huge impact on the level of carbon emissions when transporting goods around. 
Currently there are no existing hemp textile industries based here in the UK. Our initial steps are to work more and more with factories closer to home within Europe until one day we hope to experience change towards our own industrial production in the UK.  


 Designing With Longevity

 As hemp contains some of the strongest fibres, we can increase the lifespan of our products which allows consumers to get the most use out of them. We also encourage our customers to love their products by repairing them with care. Why not learn how to sew? Make the most out of your favourite garments by following Cultiva Kingdom's care guide recommendations, making your garments last even longer.  


 Striving For Carbon Neutrality

 We are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint. Hemp can absorb four times as much carbon dioxide than the average plant. Therefore, our products promote carbon neutrality as we see the amount of plants going into the ground match the growing demand for a sustainable textile industry. 


 Working With Nature

 A circular loop system. Did you know that 63% of garments made today are created with synthetic fibres? These fibres are becoming a part of the plastic pollution problem as they take many years to break down. It is important we move towards a plant-based life cycle where we see all products having the capability to biodegrade and compost safely into the land.  Most of our products are 100% biodegradable as they are made completely with natural fibres and coloured with natural dyes. Other products are made with recycled plastic to encourage a closed loop system of textile production.
 Creating Social Impact
Our team is a very special one. We work with a series of women who are full of empowerment. They are brilliant designers, writers, educators and leaders for change within the hemp and fashion world.  We also have a strong partnership with Samanta Bullock, taking part in her mission to create a platform for any woman to be able to shop, no matter her shape, size, disability or ethnicity.