The Green Room Launch

We have been very excited to welcome to launch of The Green Room. Working with Emma O’Neil, founder of La Rue Verte was a great pleasure! The launch took place in the boutique Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel, based in the heart of Glasgow.



Together we have developed the ultimate hemp spa experience as CBD cosmetics and hemp textiles combine. The CBD skincare collection is the first one to be CIBTAC accredited.

Empowering wellness and relaxation, the room is designed to offer a comfortable, luxury spa experience including a range of wellness activities. This includes yoga, sound healing and spa treatment. By offering the hemp textile products, it becomes a unique opportunity to feel good whilst supporting the planet.



The eco-friendly products included a biodegradable hemp yoga mat, silk spa mask, face cloths, quality robes, and canvas bag. By collaborating the products, we see CBD skincare presenting a new outlook on health and sustainability.

Inspired by French luxury, the room was named La Chambre Verte.

“We wanted to create something which was special but good for the planet. So many of these spa products have a short life span and often contain synthetic materials. After finding the best suppliers who make good quality hemp fabrics, I came up with the perfect design which suited all of Emma’s requirements.” - Laura Bossom, Hemp Designer. 

To find out more about the La Chambre Verte, click here.

Cultiva Kingdom takes pride in the projects we take on to bring hemp to the forefront of every industry. Are you looking to develop a hemp textile product for your business? Get in touch on We would be happy to discuss your project with you to discuss all the options.


Photo credits to Naomi Vance

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