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Positively Diverse with Joti Gata Aura

Laura Bossom talks more about the products in her wonderful ethical company, Cultiva Kingdom, and the benefits of using hemp over other products. Do you believe in natural ingredients for the body? Cultiva’s product features include CBD All Purpose Balm, Massage Oil and Beard Oil. The reasoning behind using CBD cosmetics and hemp oil for the skin is explained.  Positively Diverse was founded by Joti Gata Aura to champion better representation in the media for those with visible differences and disabilities. It aims to help the next generation celebrate their individuality and accept their differences. Positively Diverse is working to create a more diverse and inclusive society by building a community to represent more diversity and a better understanding of...

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An Interview with Amy Auker, founder of Hempress Cosmetics

The Cannabidiol (CBD) industry has certainly come a long way over the past few years. Tougher regulations have now made many companies uncertain about the direction and future of the industry. Despite this, companies have continued to work hard to meet these new demands, developing a strong community with business guidelines, education and hopefully an industry that can leave behind a legacy for sustainability. A recent announcement of new regulations has been based around the new clarification of CBD to be novel food by the Food Standard Agency (FSA). Due to this, the industry is now experiencing a boom in cosmetics.   Photograph by @girlycanna_ In response, Cultiva Kingdom has just launched a unique hemp-based boutique collection. It features biodegradable towels, make...

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