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An Interview with Leafie: Hemp To Save Fast Fashion Addiction

Written by Bethan Finighan from Leafie   Hemp Could Be The Answer To Our Fast Fashion Addiction The growing consumer demand for the newest styles is destroying the planet. Fast fashion— the mass-production of trendy clothing pieces— is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions and 92 million tonnes of waste a year. With the climate crisis becoming an increasingly topical conversation, sustainability is becoming a bit of a marketing buzzword. We’re now seeing high-street fashion brands shifting towards a more eco-conscious ethos, but is this enough? With the current impact of fast fashion on the environment, we need to completely transform the way we shop. Leafie sat down to chat with Laura Bossom, founder of the eco-conscious fashion brand Cultiva Kingdom, to learn more about the...

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Sustainable Fashion Ted Talk

We were lucky enough to be invited to speak about climate change and sustainable fashion solutions with hemp as a part of the TEDx campaign Countdown. The campaign is encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experiences to raise more awareness about environmental issues to combat the climate disaster that we are facing.

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