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An Interview with Leafie: Hemp To Save Fast Fashion Addiction

Written by Bethan Finighan from Leafie   Hemp Could Be The Answer To Our Fast Fashion Addiction The growing consumer demand for the newest styles is destroying the planet. Fast fashion— the mass-production of trendy clothing pieces— is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions and 92 million tonnes of waste a year. With the climate crisis becoming an increasingly topical conversation, sustainability is becoming a bit of a marketing buzzword. We’re now seeing high-street fashion brands shifting towards a more eco-conscious ethos, but is this enough? With the current impact of fast fashion on the environment, we need to completely transform the way we shop. Leafie sat down to chat with Laura Bossom, founder of the eco-conscious fashion brand Cultiva Kingdom, to learn more about the...

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The Green Room Launch

We have been very excited to welcome to launch of The Green Room. Working with Emma O’Neil, founder of La Rue Verte was a great pleasure! The launch took place in the boutique Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel, based in the heart of Glasgow.     Together we have developed the ultimate hemp spa experience as CBD cosmetics and hemp textiles combine. The CBD skincare collection is the first one to be CIBTAC accredited. Empowering wellness and relaxation, the room is designed to offer a comfortable, luxury spa experience including a range of wellness activities. This includes yoga, sound healing and spa treatment. By offering the hemp textile products, it becomes a unique opportunity to feel good whilst supporting the planet....

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A Story of Hemp Textiles

Hemp textiles have been used in history for centuries. It is thought that hemp was one of the earliest cultivated plants for textile fibre known to humanity. Historians believed that this plant was used in Europe in approximately 1,200 BC. After then, it spread throughout the ancient world. A few examples from early discoveries includes hemp cloth from ancient Mesopotamia found from 8,000 BC., the Chinese work of the Sung dynasty produced by Lu Shi in 500 AD and Emperor Shen Nung who lived the the 28th century BC who was also thought to have taught his people to cultivate hemp for cloth.  When it comes to the British history, in 1535 Henry VIII passed an act condemning all landowners to sow 1/4 of an acre, or they...

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