Rebellion, Revolution, Rise Up!

Greta Thunberg, the young climate change activist has visited London to take part in Extinction Rebellion’s latest protests. 2019 has become to the year where the young generation are crying out for climate justice. In February, the UK experience Youth climate protesters in more than 60 towns and cities, with an estimated 15,000 taking part.

Over a 1000 protesters have now been arrested over climate action in the past week of Extinction Rebellion’s action. In the past couple of weeks, London has experienced disruption like no before. Oxford Circus, Marble Arch, Edgware Road and Waterloo Bridge were shut down for a week.


Climate Uprise

Walking around the areas the roads had become blocked by tents, banners and giant sculptures of elephants. Stages and signs stood up in the roads where people sat facing a wall of police.

The activist group Extinction Rebellion claim, “ The fashion system is broken. Globally we produce up to 100 billion pieces of clothing a year, taking a terrible toll on the planet and people who make them. What’s worse, new reports predict the apparel and footwear industry will grow by 81 per cent by 2030, putting an unprecedented strain on already devastated planetary resources.”. Their new campaign #BOYCOTTFASHION is encouraging the population to be more careful when buying new items and to seek alternative shopping behaviour habits such as renting, swapping and borrowing clothes.

Their Fashion Die in Oxford Street played a part in raising awareness of this fashion crisis to London. The group will continue taking industry action till they believe they reach climate justice for the planet.

Cultivate Hemp Revolution

Cultiva Clothing is inspired by naturally grown sustainable fibres such as hemp and nettle. Founded by Sustainable Designer Laura Bossom, the new fashion brand promotes an ethos of slowing down fast fashion with the intention to create garments which last longer than conventional brands.


Why hemp fabric?

Hemp fabric has been used by humanity for thousands of year as a natural fibre, known for its durable fibrous strength. In historical events, hemp has been used for industrial fabrics such as sails for ships, canvas, sacks, rope and paper.  

Hemp is a plant that is capable of putting nutrients back into the soil and is extremely fast growing. For example, hemp can produce 250% more fibre than cotton. Its natural resistance allows the crop to be grown without pesticides, herbicides and with minimal water use result in a low water footprint.    

This t-shirt will last longer than any other with natural resistance to mould, bacteria and ultraviolet light. It has the ability to hold its shape well and will inevitably becomes softer after multiple washes. For the best result, use a hemp liquid detergent to wash this eco-friendly t-shirt with a natural washing agent.

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