An Interview with Amy Auker, founder of Hempress Cosmetics

The Cannabidiol (CBD) industry has certainly come a long way over the past few years. Tougher regulations have now made many companies uncertain about the direction and future of the industry. Despite this, companies have continued to work hard to meet these new demands, developing a strong community with business guidelines, education and hopefully an industry that can leave behind a legacy for sustainability.

A recent announcement of new regulations has been based around the new clarification of CBD to be novel food by the Food Standard Agency (FSA). Due to this, the industry is now experiencing a boom in cosmetics.


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In response, Cultiva Kingdom has just launched a unique hemp-based boutique collection. It features biodegradable towels, make up bags, reusable make up pads and most importantly, some bath bomb treats. We wanted to hear from the creator behind these bath bombs, Amy Auker, product designer and founder of Hempress Cosmetics. She has worked with Hemp Designer Laura Bossom to create biodegradable packaging made from 100% hemp fibre. With the use of hemp paper labels and hemp cloth, it has really became something fantastic!

So far we have seen Sacred Geode come on top as the best seller. It is made with a sacred blend of frankincense, rose, cedar wood & lemon essential oils. With a subtle gold sparkly top, it is infused with pink, blue and purple salts with a sprinkle of bio glitter. What is more calming and soothing than that!




The new range features some creative bath bombs including:

  • So-Succulent 
  • Sacred Geode
  • Sleepy Alien
  • Peace and Cannabis
  • Botanical Beauty
  • Hemp Monster

Each bath bomb is handcrafted by Amy. They are vegan, made with natural ingredients and are not tested on animals making them cruelty free.  


100% Hemp packaging designed by Laura Bossom


An interview with Amy Auker


How did you get into bath bomb making? 

“I started making my own hemp infused bath bombs around three years ago now. I was inspired by a Canadian cannabis influencer.  When I saw her using CBD for her own bath bombs, I could see how they helped her relax after a long day.  I thought I needed a hundred of these! However at the time there wasn’t anything available in the UK. Most bath bombs on the market contain fragrance oils which didn’t agree with my sensitive skin. So I set out to make my own using essential oils, utilising their array of aromatic benefits. I instantly felt a connection and a real fire in my soul when making them. I was someone who didn't believe I was creative or capable of making something from scratch. It was a beautiful moment when I shared these products with friends and family for the first time. The feedback was out of this world! I felt my creation was not only just helping me but also the people around me. This was one of the things that pushed me to start a business. “

What inspired your newest collection of bath bomb treats?

“After a few years of learning and developing my own skills, I gained a great understanding of different plant-based ingredients. I wanted to bring them all together and create artisan style hemp infused bath bombs that were not only eye catching but good for the skin. They help us relax and uplift the soul whilst being kind to mother earth. I have really developed something that stands out in this forever-growing market.”

Why did you decide that hemp packaging was the way forward?

“From the very first moment I started my Hempress cosmetics journey, I wrote down my business goals and aspirations. One of them being that one day I would use hemp packaging for my CBD infused cosmetics. I knew how sustainable the plant was and the positive impact it could have on our planet. It just made sense for me and my business to naturally progress to this. Not only to be eco-friendly but to also help show one of the many amazing ways that the hemp plant can be used. Thanks to Laura, she made this goal a reality.”

Which one has been your most favourite creation?

“I really do love them all, they are like my babies. However if I had to choose just one, it would have to be the Sacred Geode. I have always had a strong love and connection to rocks and crystals. Creating a bath bomb inspired by them, along with an original blend of soothing and calming essential oils ticked all the right boxes for me personally.”


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